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40 Deep SEO Insights for 2023

40 Deep SEO Insights for 2023 by Koray Tuğberk
40 Deep SEO Insights for 2023 by Koray Tuğberk

In a recent Twitter thread, Koray Tuğberk shared his insights on the future of search engine optimization (SEO) in 2023. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the quality and depth of the information on a website, including the use of micro-semantics, in order to improve SEO.

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Tuğberk also predicted that PageRank, a measure used by Google to rank websites in search results, will become more prominent in 2023. Additionally, he suggested that there will be higher standards for indexing and relevance in search results.

Tuğberk noted that in 2022, he had recommended focusing on natural language generation, and that this prediction had come true. He encourage businesses and website owners to stay ahead of the curve by considering these trends and making necessary adjustments to their SEO strategies.

Twitter Thread

40 Deep #SEO Insights for 2023: -In 2022, I told to focus on Natural Language Generation, and it happened. -In 2023, F-O-C-U-S on “Information Density, Richness, and Unique Added Value” with Microsemantics. I call the collection of these, “Information Responsiveness”. 1/40. Thread.

1. PageRank Increases its Prominence for Weighting Sources

Reason: #AI and automation will bloat the web, and the real authority signals will come from PageRank, and Exogenous Factors. The expert-like AI content and real expertise are differentiated with historical consistency.

2. Indexing and relevance thresholds will increase.

Reason: A bloated web creates the need for unique value to be added to the web with real-world expertise and organizational signals. The knowledge domain terms, or #PageRank, will be important in the future of a web source.

3. AI and #automation filters will be created

Reason: Google needs to filter the websites that publish 500 articles a day on multiple topics to find non-expert websites. This is already happening.

4. #Google will start to make mistakes in filtering websites that use spam and AI

Reason: The need for AI-generated content filtration forced Google to check and audit “momentum”, in other words, content publication frequency. I used the “momentum” first in TA Case Study.

5. Google uses #Author Vectors, and Author Recognition

Reason: LLMs use certain types of language styles and word sequences by leaving a watermark behind them. It is easy to understand which websites do not use a real expert for their articles, and content to differentiate.

6. #Microsemantics will be the name of the next game

Reason: The bloating on the web will create bigger web document clusters, and being a representative source will be more important. Thus, micro-differences inside the content will create higher unique value.

7. Custom #LLMs will be rented

Reason: Custom and unique LLMs will be trained and rented to the people who try to create 100 websites with 100,000 content items per website. NLP in SEO will show its true monetary value in mid-2023.

8. Advanced Semantic SEO will be a must for every SEO

Reason: 20 years of websites will lose their rankings to the new websites that come with 60,000 articles. This creates the need for advanced #Semantics and Lingusitics capabilities for SEOs.

9. Cost-of-retrieval will be a base concept for #SEO, as TA

Reason: TA explains a big portion of how the web works. Information Responsiveness and Cost-of-retrieval will complete it further. For two books, I will be publishing only these two concepts.

10. Google Keys

Reason: The biggest Google leak after Quality Rater Guidelines will happen in 2023. And, I will be involved, but no more information, for now, I am not allowed to share more.

11. Semantic #Content Networks and Vocabulary Richness

Reason: The Content Network’s expertise will be understood with the word-sequences, and vocabulary richness. Experts use more unique words compared to non-expert authors. Shaping content networks with semantics, with ++ programs will be a standard practice for SEOs.

12. Google Loses its Patience

Reason: For a long time, I and many other people play with AI websites, and we realized that even if everything is legit and perfect, they would still remove the website. Once: We even didn’t use AI, everything was human-written, but we published too many articles at once, Microsoft Bing removed the entire website, and Google algorithmically demoted it.

13. Google’s Biggest Cost List can change

Reason: Google’s biggest cost is cooling the data centers. But, training the LLMs for applications like #ChatGPT to serve billions of people is not possible yet. A paid version of Google, some G. features, or Apps can be seen.

14. SEOs and Digital #Marketers will be lazier

Reason: They usually do not seek a reason to get lazier, unfortunately, let’s move on to 15.

Reason: The overall patterns of external spam websites have a high velocity of links along with less relevancy, and the curated signals with 2E-A-T outrank the PageRank hoarding websites.

16. Exceeding Thresholds with more spam

Reason: I have seen examples where sources that 90 expired domains are redirected or leverage sudden #PBN links to the homepage rank higher. Completing 15: 16 allows you to see another path for SEO and an obstacle for search engines.

17. #Brand Signals become more important

Reason: Again, Web Bloat. Brands with social media accounts, unique visuals, product lines, and positive reviews will leverage the 2E-A-T. Having direct traffic, and search demand from users is a positive ranking signal.

18. Not Relevance, Responsiveness

Reason: With the help of Improved Information Extraction technologies, search engines rank documents that are responsive to the query needs rather than relevant to query terms.

19. Understand the Value of Passage #Indexing

Reason: SEOs still didn’t get their true value. However, it is a great indicator of Google’s infrastructure and mindset changes. Passage Indexing is for context-broken messy content, but it helps for relevance calculation further.

20. Google will launch new LLMs

Reason: Just, 11 days ago, they published CaLM on NeurlIPS 2022. Google will try to have the lead in cost-effective #NLP technologies. It will be reflected in broad core algorithm updates, causing significant fluctuations.

21. The NLP benchmarks will grow

Reason: At the moment, we have 2000 language tasks to test LLMs. In 2023, probably this number will probably grow to over 4,000. Check out the GluE Benchmark to learn more.

22. Learn Basic NLP Rules and Principles

Reason: Understanding even small and basic NLP rules help SEOs create more relevant and responsive documents, both visually and textually. The #AGI models are planned and configured further thanks to NLP knowledge.

23. Search Engines might get Long-form Questions

Reason: At the moment, Search Engines do not understand long-form questions, but they are good at trivia questions. In 2023, thanks to NLP Benchmarks, this can start to change further. It means long-form content can be better organized with more contextual and granular situation-related questions, and answers. Long-form questions involve a question and a declaration.

24. Higher Response Times become more important

Reason: A bloated web will consume more resources from search engine crawling systems. Having a higher response timing helps prioritization be indexed, crawled, or evaluated faster and more frequently.

25. SEO becomes more expensive and luxurious

Reason: Even if organic search generates free traffic, #SEO campaigns are already expensive. With the increased competition and the “Comparative Ranking” principle, the base costs for SEO campaigns will be higher.

26. The NLP and SEO markets mostly unite

Reason: The NLP Engineers already work in SEO businesses. I have even seen ex-Googlers go for NLP-related businesses that involve SEO. The #semantic component of SEO will include NLP market products such as chatbots and text analysis.

27. #Brand SERP becomes the default SEO

Reason: As the father of Brand SERP,

@jasonmbarnard tells you, the Brand SERP will be your initial contact point with your prospects. Thus, Brand SERP management will be a default part of SEO.

28. #Knowledge Panel Management becomes Default SEO

Reason: Defining your brand with your own factoids for greater authority, and reputation in the eyes of search engines will require knowledge panel management. Marking yourself as you want for Google’s brain will be a default.

29. Owning a YouTube Channel, or Visual Expressions is important

Reason: Showing the face, and making the audio connection with different formats of the content with the audience’s help for 2-E-A-T, and Web Entity-based optimization. A website and a web entity are not the same.

30. More Search Engines we will see

Reason: The Base Requirements to create a new search engine is decreased thanks to NLP and better algorithms. Thus, Microsoft #Bing and other new search engines You, Neeva, or Ecosia become more important.

31. #Topical #Authority and Semantic Content Networks become the default

Reason: This section will come from me. When I launch the Semantic SEO Course in Q1, we will be a community that sees there are better ways to create content than even AI.

32. SEO Occupation Skills Baseline Increase

Reason: SEOs already know too many skills. But, in the future, a deep understanding of search engines, and the ability to analyze the search engine engineer’s conditions will be way more important.

33. Knowing How to #Code becomes More Important

Reason: #ChatGPT or other AGIs can write code for humans, but the person who knows how to code will create better prompts, and unification of modules beyond non-coders.

34. AI #Content Editing Will be a New Branch for SEO

Reason: I call this “Algorithmic Authorship”, and it will have a place in the course. Editing AI generated content to provide unique, and more accurate information with better sentence structures will be an occupation.

35. Different Algorithmic #Authorship Methods will arise

Reason: Punctuations, Styling, Tonality, Sentence Structures, Sequences of Sentences, Declarations, Comparisons, Conjunctions and many linguistic components will be determined with different frameworks.

36. Unique Visuals and Images Signal 2E-A-T

Reason: Things that are harder to optimize will show the real difference in ML algorithms’ output as 1s and 0s. #Unique visuals are harder to create than unique text.

37. Google #Business Profiles increase their importance

Reason: GBPs involve a tremendous amount of business information and feedback. New GBP features, and GBP promotions from Google on G. Discover, or G. Surfaces will happen.

38. Broad Websites that Leverage AI force Google to seek a Primary Focus for Web Sources

Reason: Broader Topical Profiles might dilute the ranking signals, while deeper topical profile websites with a narrow focus can rank better against PageRank and Authority-hoarded sources.

39 . Fight Against Content Decay

Reason: Content Decay is a state that signals out-dated and stale content. The new search engine technologies require broader and richer contextually processed content. Thus, update your previous articles even if they perform at this moment.

40. Focus on #Information Gap, not Query Search Demand

Reason: Use, Zero Search Volume Queries as I said before in TA Case Study, and Give Accurate Information before your competitors. Thus, work with only expert authors not just with expert AIs.

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